High schools and industrial schools

We support education at industrial schools and technical high schools. In cooperation with industrial schools and technical high schools in the region opportunities are given to the students and apprentices to perform technical training at the company, and short-term educational stays and workshops are organized for special subject teachers.

Technical universities

Students of technical universities are offered the possibility to work out bachelor theses and master theses at this company. Requirements of the students from near vicinity of the town of Štíty are preferably satisfied.

Current offer of topics:

Activities connected with the support of students of all levels of technical schools are covered by our best experts in the given field. Students are encouraged to get to know KLEIN automotive, gain valuable practical experience and take the first step to get job at this company.

For the opportunity to get the mandatory technical training or to work out the bachelor thesis or the master thesis please contact:
Jitka Kociánová,, tel 583 482 298