The company management vision is introduction of new technologies, continuous company growth and stability, a team of highly professional employees, active communication with customers and suppliers, and perfect quality of the products and services offered.

Based on the vision the company management declares this policy in the field of Quality Management System

  • Only high quality performance of all processes provides a product acceptable for the customer. Only such product can assure the company competitiveness and thus also prosperity.
  • Quality, which is the foundation stone of the company prosperity, must be a cause of all employees.
  • High quality must also be achieved in the field of human relations both within the company and towards external business partners.
  • The customer is the main and basic assessor of our work – customer satisfaction is our objective.
  • Continuous review and reassessment of the company strategy, quality policy and successive objectives must lead to the improvement in effectiveness of both the quality management system and the company’s economic position.
  • The quality policy comprises specific and personal engagement and activity of the company management members in development, implementation and fulfilment of the Quality Management System requirements, and its continuous improvement.

Based on the vision the company management declares this policy in the field of environmental management

  • The company management undertakes to meet legal requirements for environmental protection as well as other requirements the company may be subject to. The company shall observe the binding limits of emissions into environment and strive for their minimization.
  • The company undertakes to gradually reduce the energy and raw material consumption based on scientific knowledge and know-how and to ensure environmentally friendly raw material handling, storage and processing and package disposal. New, environmentally friendly materials, products and services are to be preferably used.
  • The company management undertakes to determine and regularly revise environmental objectives, target values and EMS programs within the scope of the environmental policy.
  • The company undertakes to only use materials and products which are safe from the point of view of their intended use and to manage protection of the employees’ health and protection of external subjects connected with the environment where the company carries on its business.
  • The company undertakes to educate, train and motivate its employees at all management levels and inform them on the environmental impacts of their work, and to communicate environmental experience within the company and towards suppliers and collaborating organizations.

Based on the vision the company management declares this policy in the field of health and safety at work

All employees follow the following main principles at their work:

  • My health is the most important thing for me, my family and my company;
  • I do not endanger either me or my colleagues;
  • I achieve goods results without breaking the rules;
  • I prevent danger actively.