• Purchase of important investments which push the company forwards substantially:
    • ANDRITZ KAISER 1000 servo automatic stamping machine
    • other 2 new robotized welding workstations
    • 3D optical scanner & 5-axis milling unit for the tool shop
    • the logistic centre construction finished
  • Contract signed for a new ERP system
  • The milestone of 700 employees achieved
  • Mr. Antonín Klein, the company founder, celebrated his 80th birthday and finished his active involvement in the company


  • Winning of another important volume of orders for ŠKODA Fabia and Superb cars
  • Approval of the second grant claim INNOVATION
  • K-INVEST, a closed-end investment fund, purchased 100% share of the company


  • Approval of a grant claim
  • Winning of important volume of orders for ŠKODA Rapid and Octavia cars
  • Commissioning of the first KAISER 800 automatic stamping machine with an actuating mechanism and plate stacker
  • Purchase of two robotized workstations for welding assemblies
  • Phase 2 of the stamping shop construction finished


  • Project documentation for Phase II of the new stamping shop finished
  • Preparation for bidding procedure for a servo-press


  • Phase 1 of the new stamping shop construction
  • Purchase of robotized welding workstations
  • KLEIN invest s.r.o. purchased 100% share of Klein & Blažek


  • Continuous company restructuring
  • Plant 3 in Lanškroun sold
  • Transfer of machined parts manufacture from b.Technologie - new customers: ThyssenKrupp Bilstein, TRW Autoelektronika and KENDRION
  • Transfer of stamped parts manufacture from ELITEX - new customers: PORSCHE, BENTLEY and others


  • Purchase of KAISER 630 automatic stamping machine including peripheries and transfer stamping options
  • New customer SHOWA ALUMINIUM CZECH won and the first CHIRON DZ 15W milling unit purchased
  • Impacts of the all-European crisis in the second half of the year caused substantial reductions


  • Purchase of ORPA a.s. tool shop in Lanškroun – Plant 3 (tool shop) foundation
  • Purchase of ZEISS 3D coordinate measuring instrument


  • Purchase of KAISER 200 automatic forming machine
  • Purchase of INDEX ABC and INDEX C 65 automatic turning machines
  • The milestone of 600 employees achieved


  • Nomination for Volkswagen-Group_Award
  • Purchase of KAISER 250 automatic stamping machine
  • Purchase of DMP 60 V Linear milling units


  • Extension of the Plant 2 production buildings and capacities
  • Construction of a new reception office at Plant 1
  • Celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Klein & Blažek foundation


  • Extension to the stamping shop
  • Refurbishment of the cafeteria


  • Machinery updating
  • The milestone of 500 employees achieved


  • Construction of a new building for pro car air-conditioning unit parts at Plant 2
  • Construction of the bar material storage at Plant 2
  • Certification according to ISO 14001


  • Finishing the Felicia project – considerable drop in the stamped parts volume
  • Intensive product range and customer portfolio extension


  • Extension of the Plant 1 production buildings and technological equipment
  • Finishing the Felicia project – considerable drop in the stamped parts volume


  • Extension of the Plant 2 production buildings
  • Certification according to VDA 6.1 and QS 9000 by the SGS Hamburg certifying body 


  • Construction of the administrative building for the business and economic departments


  • Purchase of the flax factory Tirna Štíty (currently Plant 2) and start of reconstruction for engineering production
  • Construction of the final product warehouse and extension of the stamping shop
  • The Prime Minister of the Czech Republic, Mr Václav Klaus, visited the plant


  • Privatisation of the JESAN Štíty State Enterprise, the name changed to Klein&Blažek spol. s.r.o.