Establishing collaboration with TREXIMA

We started the first stage of complex collaboration with TREXIMA in July. Based on detailed analysis of wage and motivating system, key factors of rewarding employees will be reassessed. We will stress out the motivation factors of the rewarding system and its effective set-up. Second stage – the new system implementation – will follow the first one. We expect from this collaboration setting optimum motivation and development system throughout all job levels of the company.


Investments in 2nd quarter of 2016

Robotized Welding Station (# 8), for resistance welding and MIG soldering of produced parts. This is universal workstation delivered by ABB company. At the present time it is being fitted with duplicate welding jigs for FABIA project.

PERO R1 – a fully vacuum device with 2 baths for hydrocarbons or modified alcohol. The device is intended for cleaning of machined parts and it is delivered by IMTOS.

Foto stroj PERO

SAP information system implementation

On 1 July 2016 KLEIN automotive s.r.o. kicked off live operation of SAP information system. Starting the live operation of the system was postponed by half a year. This extra time was used to complete and implement particular processes and functions and system testing with special emphasis on the project feasibility. The live operation was started throughout all the implemented modules at the same time. These are the following modules: PP, MM, WM, SD, FI, CO, QM, HR, PM, AA, PS, BC.

2015 Revenue

KLEIN automotive s.r.o. reached the revenue of CZK 1, 235,00 mil. for its main business activity (products and services sale) in 2015. This is a 7 per cent increase compared to 2014, when the revenue reached CZK 1, 154,00 mil.

Polaris Project

We delivered our first parts for Polaris SUV project in 21st week. The Polaris SUV will be produced in Škoda plant in Kvasiny.

New Projects

We were nominated for VW 120 (VW Up) – bulb holder project at the beginning of June – a project of 125 000 sets a year

for Varroc company.

Most Important Investment of the 1st Half-Year of 2015


INDEX MS 40C a CNC six-spindle turning automatic machine

This machine is used to highly effective turning of smaller metal parts. It is equipped with six spindles which are able to change rotations independently. Each spindle is fitted with a pair of supports equipped with machining tools.




Robotized Welding Station (RP # 4) For SUPERB Project

This welding station is fitted with KUKA robot, which is equipped with servo-pneumatic integrated welding gun. A dual-position rotable table fitted with a positioner with pneumatic clamping jig is a part of the station.




CHIRON DZ 15 W – a Vertical Machining Centre

This has been eighth purchased machine of this make in our company.

FANUC Robocut C600iA – a Wire Cutter

This electroerosion wire cutter was purchased for our tool shop to replace old defective machine.