Replacement of lighting fixtures

The replacement of lighting fixtures in all production and non-production spaces of Plant 1 is a significant project that will improve the working environment and reduce lighting costs. The current (mainly fluorescent and discharge) lamps will be replaced with LED technology with an Autodimmer sensor, which detects daylight intensity and regulates the lumens output.
Supplier: Elektrokomplet Hermann s.r.o.
Area: production and non-production spaces of Plant 1
Date: 1 July—31 October 2019
Cost: CZK 2,100,000

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Cleaning of stamping hall cover and ceiling

The cleaning of the external structural parts and ceiling of the stamping room was completed during the company’s summer holiday.
Supplier: Lemakor
Peripheral wall panels and the ceiling of the stamping room, including the hall’s framework, were cleaned.
Date: 20 July—4 August 2019.
Cost: around CZK 500,000

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Support of young sportsmen

During the 22—25 July 2019, young table tennis players from Štíty participated in an International Training Camp in Olomouc.
The participants spent a three-day intensive training led by Pavel Řehořek, a former Czech player.They also competed with other young players representing the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Israel, Peru and South Africa.
The event was supported by KLEIIN automotive.


On Saturday 23 June 2019, the 3rd year of a cycling event for KLEIN Automotive’s employees and their families took place. 31 participants lined up on the start line and at a leisurely pace they set out over the 30km or 80km route. The finish of both routes was at the Health and Sports Centre in Dolní Čermná.
The event was a success and we are looking forward to the next one.

KLEIN automotive Spring march

On Saturday 25 May 2019, the 4th year of the KLEIN automotive Spring march took place. The route ran from Štíty to Olšanské hory. Refreshments and other events were organised by the scout club. The event was made all the better by the nice weather, lots of people participating, and an overall excellent atmosphere. We are already looking forward to next year!

5th KLEIN automotive ball

The 5th Klein Automotive ball was once more a big success. A big tombola, an excellent band, and perfect refreshments—all of this ensured the ball was a great event. Even at this stage, we are already looking forward to the next ball.